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Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery maintenance is surprisingly one of the most overlooked basic cleaning preventive measures in one’s home. Whether it’s the seats of dining room chairs to love seat in the family room it’s important to every home owner to invest in the preservation and long life of their furniture. Also adding upholstery cleaning to your regular cleaning maintenance can make a huge difference by maintaining the furniture’s fabrics original look and feel.

Most people rarely notice the everyday wear and tear that they place on their furniture pieces. Dirt picked up from outside and body oils slowly will change the color of the furniture. Upholstery fabric also tends to absorb the odors within a room which poses a unique challenge if you have pets or a family member who smokes.

The best way to extend the life of your furniture is ┬áto have it professionally cleaned on average at least twice a year. As you’ve might have experienced in the past applying over the counter spot cleaning or deodorizer might not be enough to completely remove odors. It can often time damage the fibers of the fabric or cause the appearance of furniture to permanently discolor. Most furniture manufactures recommend a professional cleaning in order to maintain and keep your furniture at it’s absolute best.

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